Saturday, May 30, 2009

Marketing yourself and the Library

There is a great article over at Tame the Web about marketing yourself and your library. I bring this up because I am finding myself in the midst of having to market myself and my library. This is something that was not even a thought in my mind while I was in Library School. In fact, when I re-visited my alma matter's website, I was surprised to find that such a class was offered. Did they offer this when I attended?

That doesn't really matter now. What does matter is that I have to learn this as I go. I have already made a number of mistakes and I imagine there will be a few more as I go. I'm starting to see that one of the most important things to develop is your network. I was lucky to recently meet a community member with strong ties to the media. I think developing this kind of contact is key to your marketing program.

I'm still learning....I will report back as I learn so that I can share....

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