Monday, May 18, 2009

Computers and Library Cards

I was off this last weekend which was the first day for a new computer use policy implemented by my library. The old system was complicated to say the least. The way it worked was that patrons had three areas by which they could access an Internet computer. Down stairs we had fifteen minute terminals and upstairs there were one hour guest stations and one hour patron stations in the computer lab. At the fifteen minute and guest stations a library card was not needed. Needless to say, the system was often abused and often gridlocked.

The new system requires all patrons to have a library card or web surf card in order to access the Internet. This is in preparation of a new automated computer reservation service that is coming in June. So while I was sitting at the reference desk, which is near the former guest stations, I noticed was abnormally peaceful. I am hoping that this is due to the new system. I guess a few more days will tell......

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