Friday, May 15, 2009


Wow! has it really been seven months since my last post? That's what I get for being busy. Well I plan to change that. No, not the busy part, rather, the not posting part.

So now I'm considering the role of social networking in libraries. As such I have started to use twitter and blogger (yes, I have yet another blog) at work. At my library I am noticing two distinct groups of users. On one hand we have the baby boomers and on the other we have what Guy Hamel calls "Generation F" aka the Facebook generation. With the baby boomers there seems to be some hesitancy in using the various social networking sites. Obviously, this is not the case for the Gen F'ers (no pun intended!).

So I guess the trick is to incorporate social networking in a way that will attract the boomers while at the same time keep the attention of the Gen F'ers. I'm have to give this more thought. Any ideas????

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