Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Post-PC Era @ Your Library?

I have taken a break after the death of my father. My intention was to be back at it sooner then another serious family medical problem hit us. Nevertheless I am determined to press on. I wrote this post a while ago but it is still relevant:

Sarah Perez at TECHCRUNCH has an interesting article about the Post-PC Era (”When Will the Post-PC Era Arrive? It Just Did” . She argues that current trends suggest that the Post-PC Era has indeed arrived as evidence by two important benchmarks. Perez notes that “smartphone shipments outpaced PCs for the first time ever, and Apple became the world’s largest PC maker” (this number includes iPads). It looks like consumers are shifting away from desk top and laptop PCs to smaller more portable computing solutions.

This will most definitely change how libraries provide technology to their patrons. Librarians should be attuned to this as it will be a crucial factor in library planning. So, will libraries replace desktop computers with iPads or other portable devices? (3M has a portable eReader option for libraries that subscribe to its new eBook platform). How will your library adapt?

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Sandy said...

Every time my PC has a bad episode, my kids urge me to go modern and dump the PC. I would if not for the cost.

I imagine the same scenario at public libraries. The want may be there but the need can wait, till every PC has bit the dust. The have-not patrons will continue to be happy with the familiar PC and the haves will supply their own access.

Since California has not given public libraries for 2 years now, the have-not cities and counties (and you know who you are) will lag. Or they'll attempt to afford the new technology and skimp on other things, like staffing and books.

You're right, public libraries will follow this trend, some quicker than others. Amazing how much has changed in libraryland in the last 20 years compared to the first 100? years?

I'm happy to be a mere patron and let others deal with the challenges of the day. Heck, I'm baffled proving I'm not a robot at the end of the posting.