Monday, February 6, 2012

The Post-PC Era @ Your Library

Sarah Perez at TECHCRUNCH has an interesting article about the Post-PC Era (”When Will the Post-PC Era Arrive? It Just Did” .  She argues that current trends suggest that the Post-PC Era has indeed arrived as evidence by two important benchmarks. Perez notes that “smartphone shipments outpaced PCs for the first time ever, and Apple became the world’s largest PC maker” (this number includes iPads). It looks like consumers are shifting away from desk top and laptop PCs to smaller more portable computing solutions.

This will most definitely change how libraries provide technology to their patrons. Librarians should be attuned to this as it will be a crucial factor in library planning. So, will libraries replace desktop computers with iPads or other portable devices? (3M has a portable eReader option for libraries that subscribe to its new eBook platform). How will your library adapt?

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Gail L said...

Budgets will continue to be tight for public services and this trend will not improve even if more money is available in the budget. My guess is that there will be less patience on the part of the taxpayer to support the economically santioned sectors of the community. However, this population will increase and despite what public administrators think, the public employee will be the last, best, and cheapest way to provide public services. Saddling library budgets with the obligation to provide the hardware would eliminate libraries, in the long run. What libraries have to offer is expertise in finding, keeping and using information. Providing wireless connection services to the community would be a way to continue libraries as a place for that purpose. Why commit millions of dollars in public funds to hardware that is outdated every 18 months?